Referendum on the Twenty-Ninth Amendment of the Constitution (Judges' Remuneration ) Bill 2011

The proposed change to the Constitution would allow for a law to be passed reducing the pay of judges proportionately if the pay of public servants is being or has been reduced and that reduction is stated to be "in the public interest".

The proposal would also allow for a law to be passed making judges subject to the "Public Service Pension Levy" and to any other future similar charge or charges.

The proposal was passed by the people.

Referendum on the Thirtieth Amendment of the Constitution (Houses of the Oireachtas Inquiries) Bill 2011

A referendum on a proposal to amend the Constitution to give the Houses of the Oireachtas express power to conduct inquiries into matters of general public importance and, in doing so, to make findings of fact about any person's conduct, was held on 27 October 2011.

The proposed change to the Constitution would mean that:

  1. The Dáil and the Seanad, either separately or together, would have the power to conduct an inquiry into any matter that either or both considered to be a matter of general public importance. Legislation would be required to be introduced to set out the details of how such inquiries would take place.
  2. When conducting any such inquiry, either or both Houses would have the power to inquire into the conduct of any person and the power to make relevant findings about that person's conduct.
  3. The Dáil and/or the Seanad would have the power to determine the appropriate balance between the rights of people involved in any such inquiry and the requirements of the public interest. When doing so, they would be obliged to have regard for the principles of fair procedures. These principles have been established by the Constitution and by the Courts.

The proposal was rejected by the people.


You can read the Referendum Commission’s report online or download a PDF copy of the report.