On Friday 24th May 2019, you will be asked to vote on a proposal to change the Constitution of Ireland in relation to divorce.

The proposal

The proposal is about two issues relating to divorce, namely how long people must be living apart before applying for a divorce, and the recognition of foreign divorces.

There will be one question on the ballot paper and voters can either vote Yes to allow both changes, or No to reject both changes. Voters cannot accept one change and reject the other.

Why you should vote

The Constitution is important. It is the fundamental law of our State. It is your Constitution and only you have the power to change it. How you vote is for you to decide.

The Referendum Commission urges you to inform yourself about the proposed changes to the Constitution and to use your vote. If you do not vote, other people will make the decision. The Commission's independent guide does not argue for a Yes vote or a No vote, but we do strongly encourage you to vote.

Independent guide

Download the Commission's independent guide to inform yourself on the referendum on the regulation of divorce.

If you have not yet received a hard copy of the guide, please contact refenquiries@anpost.ie

Download Guide

Referendum FAQs

Have a question on the upcoming referendum? Check out our FAQ section.

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