Polling day

The referendum will be held on Friday 26 October 2018. Voting in the presidential election will take place on the same day. Polling stations will open from 7am to 10pm.

You can check if you are registered at checktheregister.ie.

Your polling station

Before polling day, you should receive a polling card in the post telling you at which polling station you should vote. If you don’t receive a polling card, you can still vote if you are registered.

Bring identification

You don’t need to have your polling card with you when you go to vote. However you should bring some valid form of personal identification such as a passport, a driving licence, a public services card, or an employee or student identity card with a photograph.

Other forms of identification are also acceptable, such as a credit card or a birth certificate, as long as you also have another document which confirms your address in the constituency. You might not be asked for proof of identity, but if asked for it you need to show it.

Ballot papers

On polling day, voters will be given two ballot papers: a green ballot paper for the referendum, and a white ballot paper for the presidential election. You can see a sample referendum ballot paper on the next page.

You will be voting on whether or not to approve the proposal to amend the Constitution contained in the Thirty-seventh Amendment to the Constitution Bill.

You vote in the referendum by marking ‘X’ in the ‘Yes’ box or ‘X’ in the ‘No’ box, depending on how you want to vote. Mark only one box, or your vote will not count. Do not mark any other part of the ballot paper.

Remember that voting in the presidential election uses a different system, so read the instructions for voting on each ballot paper carefully.

Information for voters who are blind or vision impaired

A tactile ballot paper template has been developed to enable you to vote independently and in secret in the Referendum.

The template will be used on the same ballot paper used by everyone. The template sticks onto the ballot paper.

The template has clear and non-decorative lettering, large print, good colour contrast, raised up letters, Braille and the cut-out sections have a black border to assist people to find where to mark their vote. There are two cut out boxes on the template, one for yes and one for no. The template is placed over the ballot paper to match the boxes to be marked on the ballot paper.

The presiding officers have all been briefed on the different elements of the template and will give verbal directions before you enter the booth to mark the ballot paper. The presiding officer is advised to stick the template to the ballot paper and hand it to you or place it on the table in front of you, right way up.

The template will be available in all polling stations.

NCBI have templates that you can “try out” before the next referendum in each of their offices nationwide. Get in touch with your local NCBI office if you would like a demonstration of the new template

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