"The Referendum Commission's information campaign on the referendum was not the subject of the recent Supreme Court ruling in the case taken by Mr McCrystal and continues as normal."

Message from the Chairperson

On Saturday, November 10th 2012, you will be asked to vote on a proposal to change the Constitution of Ireland. The proposed changes to the Constitution concern the rights of children. The proposal is to add a new Article 42A to the Constitution and to delete the existing Article 42.5.

How you vote in the referendum is for you to decide. However, the Referendum Commission urges you to inform yourself about the proposed change and to vote. The Constitution is important. It is the fundamental law of our State. It was put in place by a referendum of the people and can be changed only by a referendum. It sets the standards for all State activity. It must be respected and obeyed by all including the Dáil and Seanad, the Courts and the public service. It is your Constitution and you have the power to decide whether or not to change it.

On this website, we provide a short description of the proposed change and the text of certain other existing articles of the Constitution relating to personal rights, family and education which may be relevant to your consideration of the proposal.

This website does not argue for a yes or no vote but we do strongly encourage you to vote.

Mary Finlay Geoghegan
Referendum Commission

You can contact The Referendum Commission at:

18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Tel: 01 639 5695
Lo-Call: 1890 270 970
Email: refcom@refcom.gov.ie