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Report on the referendums on Judges' Remuneration and on Oireachtas Inquiries 2011

Published  November 2017

This is a Report on the Referendums on the Twenty-Ninth Amendment of the Constitution (Judges’ Remuneration) Bill 2011 and the Thirtieth Amendment of the Constitution (Houses of the Oireachtas Inquiries) Bill 2011

You can view the report online, or download the report in PDF format below


  1. Foreword
  2. Chapter 1  Introduction
  3. Chapter 2  Information Campaign Strategy
  4. Chapter 3  The Commission's Information Campaign
  5. Chapter 4  Approval of Bodies for the Purposes of the Referendum
  6. Chapter 5  Recommendations
  7. Chapter 6  Acknowledgements
  8. Appendix 1 Expenditure on the Information Campaign
  9. Appendix 2 Press Releases issued by the Referendum Commission