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About the Referendum Commission

The Referendum Commission is an independent body that explains the subject matter of referendum proposals, promotes public awareness of a referendum, and encourages the electorate to vote. It is open to the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government to appoint a Commission any time a referendum is to be held.

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Latest News

Following a successful referendum information campaign, the Referendum Commission is currently preparing its report to the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government. The Commission is required to present its report to the Minister within 6 months of polling day.

One month after it presents its report, the Commission dissolves..

Past Referendums

You can read reports, recommendations, and websites relating to past referendums and past Commissions here.

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In order to vote in the referendums, you have to be on the Register of Electors. To see if you are, you can check the register here.

If you are not registered, or if your details are incorrect, you can download the forms to the register or to change your details here.